Help Us Dating Advice Expert, You're Our Only Hope

05/13/2013 16:00

Dating is hard, and you your friends and family can't always offer the help or advice you need. Times have changed from that of yours parents', after all, and as for your friends, the ones who are more successful on the dating scene may just not have any conception of the problems you face. No, you need someone who understands, someone you can talk to without worrying about being judged or shamed.

That's why we have relationship experts online and waiting to answer your e-mails. When it comes to relationship experts, advice is their trade, and they are more than willing to help you work through your problems based on their years of experience both as a successful person-who-dates, a professional, and someone who has been working with other people and their dating problems for years, even decades, before you wrote.

Relationship advice experts come in many stripes, from male to female, old to young, every ethnicity you can think of, gay to straight and everything in-between. They can be found in every major city, dispensing advice in magazines and newspapers and writing on their dating online blog.

Your typical Los Angeles dating coach will have some different advice from a New York or Chicago dating coach depending on regional peculiarities, but overall, people are people. They want the same things: to be loved, protected, reassured, committed, pleased. You can write to any dating coach from across the country and, with these universals in place, get the same kind of answer.

Sometimes dating advice experts focus on giving advice to a specific subsection of the population, one that is more troubled than the rest. For example, there is a massive industry around providing dating advice for successful women. Successful women find themselves in an odd place historically, straddling the era of the stay-at-home mom and the modern, liberated professional.

Embodying both is something women struggle with every day... as well as men, some of whom may feel threatened or confused by the changes in societal roles. With all that sociological hub-bub going on, it's no wonder dating can get a little difficult for your modern professional woman.

With all that confusion, we reach out to the dating advice expert, reading their columns and blogs, listening to their radio shows, and watching their television programs. We hope that they'll have the answers that will demystify all those people we had so many problems with when we were trying to date them. We hope that the experts will help us to fix ourselves. We hope we can find love.